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It’s easy to flip a light switch or turn on your television without thinking of the processes going on behind them. What powers them up? Electricity! How does that electricity work? That’s for you to tell us! In this...

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    Requirements are included in BS 7671 for electrical installations of

Electricity will go down in history and already has, as one of the most ground-breaking discoveries and industrial innovations in human history. It’s the platform on which modern technology is built, and as such it’s...

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    The basic function of a transformer is to change

Have you got a passion for cars and a distinct knowledge for the ins and outs of these automobiles and the specific conditions required to keep them running smoothly each and every day? Take the following quiz and you might find...

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    You need to remove a bolt with a 1/2" head but only have metric sockets. If 1" is equal to 25.4mm which size socket will most effectively remove the bolt?

This is a vocab quiz. It is based on Electrical.

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    To the authority having jurisdiction.

electrical, environmental 2a656 volume 4 test feb 2011

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    (601) Each of these examples of aircraft systems use engine bleed air except

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Electrical Questions & Answers

How many live conductors would be enclosed if the cables are enclosed in a non-metalic trunking where entering the distribution board? The following final circuits are to be installed using...
The question asks for 'live' conductors this includes neutrals. So:3xlighting =6 'live' (radial)1xUPS =2 (Radial)3 ring = 12 (ring)1 40A cooker =2 (radial)6+12+2+2=22
Which of the following is frequency measured in?
Agreed- This is BS, You are really messing things up for people that are preparing for exams. I hope you are a just mistaken and not trying to decieve people. That would be cruel and you my friend would be a seriously messed up person in the cabeza.
How should its field winding be while starting a synchronous motor?
The correct answer to this question is B, short circuited. The short circuit allows the l. motor to be started. The synchronous motor is an AC motor, which is synchronized the a supply current's frequency. There are various types of synchronous motor
Which of the following is the side with more turns(in a transformer)?
Motherfucker u are deceiving people and giving them false information, right answer is high voltage