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    ESD sensitive components can be damaged by as little as:     

A minimum passing score of 95% is mandatory. Please review training materials for failures. Use T.O. 00-25-234 sec7. and 3DXXX-202A�for reference.

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    What is the purpose of electrostatic discharge (ESD) awareness?

60 LRS ESD training 

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    An example of Electro Static Discharge or ESD is the zap one sometimes feels after walking across carpeting and touching a metal doorknob

Electricity can be very dangerous if one does not ensure they are well protected. The quiz below is designed to test how knowledgeable you are when it comes to precautions on electrostatic discharge as discussed in chapter 7...

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    What does ESD stand for?

Annual ESD Quiz for those assigned to SCOTV

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    Typically, all ESD sensitive (ESDS) items should be handeled:


ESD Questions & Answers

What little extent can ESD sensitive components be damaged?
ESDs are electrostatic-sensitive devices that are damaged by static and charges. This build-up of static can lead to the damage of the ESDs. Some devices that have electrostatic-sensitive devices are computer cards and laser diodes. When dealing or h
Is the following statement true or false in regards to ESD? A person can be charged, and as a conductor should be grounded at the ESD protective workstation. So always be grounded when...
I said False, "Always wear wrist strap"... why not use an ankle strap? leaving no wires sprawling across the work station? the person should always be ground but it doesn'tnecessarily have to be a"Wrist Strap".
When may static generating materials be present at the ESD control workstation with ESD sensitive items?
The correct answer to this question is A. ESD stands for Electrostatic Discharge, which is the sudden flow of electricity caused by contact, electrical shorts, or dielectric breakdowns between two electrically charged objects. One common cause of ESD
What would be the best approach before using these tools on ESD sensitive items? You are working at an ESD control workstation and have some essential tools with electrically conductive tips and...
In order to understand how you will answer, you first need to understand what ESD is. This stands for Electrostatic-Sensitive Device. This is known to be a component that that is so sensitive that it may immediately become damaged. The damages can be