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  • What is the purpose of electrostatic discharge (ESD) awareness?

  • What technical order (TO) reference discusses the details of electrostatic discharge (ESD)awareness?

  • What is static electricity?

  • An example of Electro Static Discharge or ESD is the zap one sometimes feels after walking across carpeting and touching a metal doorknob
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  • Static Charges are generated all the time when two surfaces contact and separate. Electrons move from one surface to another causing an imbalance. The Surfaces with a defiency of electron has a positive charge and the surface with an excess of electrons has a negative change
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  • General shop practices requirement for the repair maintenance and test of electrical equipment is the title for which T.O
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  • What is an intra-unit transfer?
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  • How do you sort a census log?
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  • How can you look up a patient who is not on your unit?
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  • Typically, all ESD sensitive (ESDS) items should be handeled:

  • ESD sensitive (ESDS) items that need to be transported (in-house) from one ESD work area to another should be :

  • An ESD control workstation consists of: