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This quiz is all about Light concepts and mirrors

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A good eyesight is something to be proud about. The eye uses light to achieve its function. And this is not a far cry in optical color assessment. If a viewer is able to perfectly sight two different colors placed side by side,...

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    Which of the following is not a type of color blindness?

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Optics Questions & Answers

What does the amount of diffraction that the wave undergoes depend on? A wave is diffracted as it passes through an opening in a barrier.
The amount of the diffraction will depend on the wavelength of the incident wave as well as the size of the opening. The more increased the wavelength is, the bigger the diffraction is going to be. There are people who think that waves are fascinatin
Reflection is when light rays are redirected in a different direction, usually with a loss in amplitude
1. FalseReflection is when light rays are redirected in a different direction, usually WITHOUT the loss of amplitude. Refraction is the redirection of light rays due to the loss in amplitude.