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Properties Of Matter Test Review

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    Matter is

A Quiz from Chapter 2. The properties of matter. Fel fr3ee to use the book.

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    The tendancy of an object to resist being movedor, if the object is moving, to resist a change in speed or direction until an outside force acts on it.

Properties of Matter

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    Classify the following questions as either chemical or physical properties: Question: Is shiny and silvery

A mini quiz about the properties of matter.

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    1. What is density?

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    A physical property is an observable characteristic that does change the matter.

Properties Of Matter Questions & Answers

Which of the following is a mixture?
Sulfur is an element and therefore would not be classified as a mixture.
What is an example of physical change?
I think this question is seeking a differentiation between physical and chemical changes. An example of physical change is when hot water is poured over an ice cube. The ice rapidly turns back into liquid. Physical changes make matter take a differen
Melts easily
Changing a state of matter, going from a sold to a liquid (melting), is a physical change.
Sugar added to lemonade
Sugar added to lemonade is a physical change. You are not creating a new substance, you still have sugar and lemon water. The sugar still tastes sweet, the lemon still tastes like lemon.