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    What is an Alternating Current?

Electrical fields are the area that surround a charged object and exert force on other charged objects. This force usually comes from the positive point charge to the negatively charged point. We covered the basics on...

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    What happens when you bring a negative charge close to a metal sphere.

04/10/2014 Electromegnetism - Notes Quiz 

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    The study of electromagnetism is widely known in paranormal research, we regularly study and survey electromagnetic fluctuations to identify them as an indicator of paranormally sourced energy impacts on our environment. The electromagnetic spectrum is a prime focus of this research due to its tremendous size and intricacy. What is electromagnetism?


Electromagnetism Questions & Answers

Why do electrical currents display magnetic properties?
The answer is actually quite simple. It is the fundamental property of a charge to generate a magnetic field. That’s all there is to it. Yes, there is a relatively tough scientific explanation to it. For that, you would need a good knowledge of
What materials are used to make solenoids?
Solenoids are used in door bells and electronic valves and switches. Every washing machine has solenoids to open or close the valves or release detergents into the washing machine when needed. A solenoid is a three- dimensional coil of wire. When a
What is inductance?
In electromagnetism and electronics, inductance is the attribute of an electrical conductor by which the charge and current flowing through it induces an electromotive force in both the conductor itself and any nearby conductors by mutual inductance.
How are electrical fields measured?
Electric field sensors measure the local atmospheric field at the earth's surface and the fluctuations in the field strength. By monitoring the field strength, the potential for cloud to ground lightning discharges can be detected, and warning can be
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