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Are you smarter than a 5th grader? We’re not talking about the game show. We’re actually really asking you. It is in this grade that we first encounter Physical Science. And again and again until we reach high school and college. Do you still remember what you’ve learned during your Physical Science classes?
Well, judgment day has arrived! So tell us, what science deals most with energy and forces? What causes a balloon to remain inflated? Say hello again to Gay-Lussac and Avogadro. Or maybe have a cup of coffee with Einstein and Volta. Ace our quizzes and prove to us that you are destined to be a quizzing champion. Get those thinking caps on and carry on! 
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Physical science is a branch of natural science which describes and anticipate the nature's phenomena based on scientific research and theory. There are different branches and sub-branches of physical science which encompass...

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    Thermal energy is the __________ of the particles in a material.

This quiz is a review of concepts learned in the Physical Science Unit

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    Which of the following is an example of a compound?

SWBAT calculate current, voltage, resistance using Ohm's law

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    If the voltage is 12 V and the resistance in the wire is 3 Ω, what is the the current in the circuit?

This is a quiz on Chapter Nine Motion with an emphasis on Describing and Measuring Motion, Speed and Velocity and Acceleration.

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    When an object's distance from another object is changing.

A physical quantity is anything that you can measure. For example, length, temperature,distance and time are physical quantities.

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    Which of the following is a base quantity?

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Physical Science Questions & Answers

What is the difference between nuclear energy and chemical energy?
Option C is wrong. Chemical and Nuclear energy are different. Chemical Energy is potential energy that can be converted to other forms, usually heat and light. This is energy when bonds form. The stronger the bond the more chemical energy that can be
What is the neutron?
The neutron is a subatomic particle that has no electric charge. It is found in the nucleus of every atom (except hydrogen). As the name suggests, it is neutral.
Which of the following is the correct formula for copper sulfate? Copper ion has a 2+ charge and sulfate is a polyatomic ion A. CuSO4 B. CuSO3 C. Cu(SO4)2 D. Cu(SO3)2
The proper formula for Copper Sulfate is CuSO4(H2O)x. Take note that the x here can range from 0 to 5. The thing about this type of compound is it is also known for its other older names. Some examples of its older names are bluestone, Roman vitriol,