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Dynamics Questions and Answers

  • The entry-level educational requirement for physical therapists will probably soon be ______________________.
    Dynamics question from

  • Physical therapist assistants ___.
    Dynamics question from

  • ____________________ is the restoration, after a disease or injury, of the ability to function in a normal or near-normal manner.
    Dynamics question from

  • Laws that are enacted by federal, state, and local legislators and enforced by the courtsystem are known as________________.
    Dynamics question from

  • Ethics reflect the values of an entire society, whereas laws reflect the values of acertain group.
    Dynamics question from

  • A physician shows veracity when accurately informing patients about their true diagnoses.
    Dynamics question from

  • Documentation in a patient’s medical record forms the patient’s _____________________.
    Dynamics question from

  • Which of these are NOT part of a patient’s social history?
    Dynamics question from

  • Which of these is the best advice about the use of abbreviations and acronyms?
    Dynamics question from

  • A health care team consists of members with a variety of health-related
    Dynamics question from

  • Being on a team does not necessarily mean that you are working as a team.
    Dynamics question from

  • What are three types of leadership?
    Dynamics question from

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