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What is the process involved when liquid turns into water vapor? How about when that vapor turns to gas or liquid? What are the sub-branches of hydrology you are aware of? Do you need mathematics to study hydrology? If these questions are easy enough for you, then why don't you take a dip into our quizzes?

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Hydrology Questions and Answers

  • A wide shallow cross section needs more accurate water level measurements than a narrow deep section.

  • Rainfall distribution is assumed to be the same for all storms of equal duration, spatially, and temporally.

  • When the rainfall rate i exceeds the infiltration rate f, water infiltrates the surface soils at a rate that generally increases with time. 

  • All of these are branches of Hydrology except...
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  • One of these is the study of interaction between organisms and hydrological cycle?
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  • In the first century, who described the philosophical theory of the hydrologic cycle?
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