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Are you an expert on the solar system? Can you name the two planets that rotate in the reverse direction from the rest? Check out the online solar system quizzes to test yourself and learn interesting trivia as you play.
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The solar system is made up of the sun, the nine planets and other celestial bodies that orbit around it. Our solar system is believed to have been formed over 4 billion years ago. Below is a sixth-grade solar system quiz that...

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    I'm the closest planet to the sun. 

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    Which planet receives the most energy from the sun?

Our solar system is made up of eight planets and the sun. Each planet is different from the other and has over a hundred moons. The sun is a star with a strong gravitational pull and radiates heat and light to the planets. How...

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    Our sun is seen from outer space as a


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    The asteroid is made of water and ice that moves around the Sun.

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    Why do we only see one side of the moon?

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Solar System Questions & Answers

Which five planets are closets to the sun?
The first five planets closest to the Sun are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter. Mercury is the smallest planet, but it is the closest to the Sun. The second closest is Venus, which is the brightest object in the sky. Then, there is Earth wher
What is the difference between Comets and Asteroids?
Asteroids and comets have some things in common as they are often explained to be the remnants of the formation of the solar system which happened over 4 billion years ago. Just like the planets, asteroids and comets have the ability to orbit the sun
What is the difference between Geocentric and Heliocentric?
Geocentric and heliocentric are two different terms used with reference to the solar system. Geocentric has to do with "having the earth at the center of the solar system," while heliocentric has to do with "having the sun at the center of the solar
What can be described as burning rock or dust in Earth's atmosphere?
The correct answer to this question is meteorite. A meteor is defined as a chunk of burning rock or dust that is traveling through Earth's atmosphere. This rock or dust may have originally broken off from a comet or an asteroid. This burning rock or
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