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The Earth’s partner in her dance through the solar system for nearly five billion years has been the Moon. Only a quarter the size of the Earth itself, the Moon looms big and bright in the night sky – but how much do you really know about this omnipresent guest overhead?

How does the Moon cause tides on the Earth’s oceans from so far away, and where did the Moon come from in the first place? How many manned missions have visited this close neighbor of ours, and how long ago did the last one go?Why is it that we only ever get to see one face of the Moon, while the other stays hidden from us all of the time? Take our quizzes on the magnificent Moon and learn all there is to know about it!
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Are you the warm, glowing sun or the mysterious, luminous moon. Do you run with wolves or fly with eagles. Are you closer to the clouds of day or the stars of night. Take this quiz to find out.

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    What is your favourite colour?

This quiz includes random facts about the Moon. It is just for fun.

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    In what year did the first man set foot on the moon?

The revolution of the Moon around the Earth makes the Moon appear as if it is changing shape in the sky. This is caused by the different angles from which we see the bright part of the Moon's surface. These are called...

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    Which of these moon phases do you like the most?

Not a lot of people are interested in astrology, but it's fascinating to see that it is more than just reading about your astrological sign. Can you tell how each zodiac sign behaves? If yes, go ahead and try our quiz.

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    What is the biggest characteristic in the Aries moon sign?

Taken from Reading Street grade 6 selection test

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    Choose the word or words with the same meaning as the underlined word.  The presidents of the two companies may negotiate the deal. 

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Moon Questions & Answers

What are the characteristics of the moon?
The moon is a celestial body that orbits planet earth, and it is the only permanent natural satellite. The moon is silvery white, round, bright, and mysterious. Smooth, flat craters make up most of the moon's surface. Some physical features of the mo
What phase is it when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun?
The answer to question number two is A, new moon
Why does lunar eclipse occur?
Lunar eclipses occur because the earth passes between the moon and sun. At a glance, the moon becomes darker, as it is seen from earth. The kind of eclipse depends on which part of the astronomical object is impassable. Another explanation can be tha
What happens during lunar eclipse?
The moon passes within the earth's umbra during a lunar eclipse, and the sun, moon, and earth are all aligned. Any variation of this, and it is only a partial lunar eclipse or no eclipse, will occur. On a night that there is a lunar eclipse, it is ac
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