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When someone does something according to the rules of nature, they are bound to get punished one way or another. As an educator, one of the things you should have a good understanding of is the concept of operational...

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    In Operant Conditioning, the specific object or event that influences a behavior is the:

How patient are you? Patience is a good virtue to have, particularly in our always rushing technological society. Some impatient people break the rules of society by cutting in line. This behavior is a very rude and disrespectful...

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    When driving behind a slow person, you most likely...

Human behavior can be predictable or unpredictable depending on the situation one is found in. it is possible for one to study human behavior and know what you can expect from someone how to explain such. Take up the...

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    Manipulating a students chair in a classroom setting to avoid distraction fro the window is an example of a manipulation of a

There are mainly four behavioral styles when it comes to people and it is either you are a controller, persuader, stabilizer or an analyzer. Do you know which style you normally exhibit? Take up the quiz below and get an idea...

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    Select one of the following that you most identify with:

SEED midterm

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    Which one of the following behaviors is covert?

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Behavior Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Morals and Values?
The behavioral aspects of a person include the personal moral and values, there are few differences between moral and values because they are correlated to each other. The moral is the inborn values; it is a system of belief that is taught for decid
What is the difference between Habits and Behaviors?
More often than not, the reason why people are moving close to us is because of a particular way of life or conduct which we have imbibed, whether consciously or unconsciously overtime. The character of a person, whether good or bad, can be determine
What is the difference between Rules and Laws?
The chief difference between rules and laws are the consequences associated with breaking them. Laws are the legal version of rules and are imposed by a higher governmental office, usually the police and prosecutor's office. Laws are written in an i
What is the difference between Offensive and Defensive Behavior?
When you say offensive, this means that you are attacking someone. When you are offensive, this means that you are the one who is initiating an active attitude. When you say that you are defensive, this means that you are receiving all of the actions