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Do you watch television? Have you watched a show called the "Big Bang Theory"? Do you know what Leonard and Sheldon study? That's right...physics. However, that's not all. Bazinga! This quiz has maths, it has science and it has space! Get ready for a mind-bending trip through time and space, visit the stars from your textbooks!

Prepare to look at questions about astronomical greats like Copernicus and Gallileio! Get ready to make answers about Kepler, comets and technology! In these quizzes, there are computers, telescopes, and giant, flaming balls of gas! If you're really good, then you may even reach the bonus round about Issac Newton, and Astronauts! What are you waiting for, a light-year?
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    What type of galaxy is our Milky Way?


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    What is an asteroid?

Quiz on physics section 13 and astrophysics, focusing on definitions. Don't screw up the definition questions! You getfree points if you just learn them.

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    The minimum energy required for electrons at a surface to escape is called the [...] of the metal

Introduction to Astrophysics.

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    What are comets made of?


Astrophysics Questions & Answers

Why do stars turn into supernovas?
Between two huge gravitational forces, a star's always in flux. On one side, the star's gravity’s crushing force tries to squeeze the stellar material into the smallest and tightest ball possible. On the other side, the force of the tremendous
What are star clusters?
Star clusters are groups of stars that have the same origin and are bound together by a gravitational bond for some time. This helps astronomers to study about stellar evolution and ages. There are two types of star clusters, open clusters and glob
Which is the largest star in the Milky Way?
The VY Canis Majoris is the largest among all of the stars in the Milky Way. Found in the constellation Canis Major by the French astronomer Jerome Lalande, this red Hypergiant star is calculated to have a radius at least 1,800 that of the sun’
How much solar mass must a remnant have to become a black hole?
A black hole, in the theory of general relativity, can be composed of any mass. If the mass is low, the higher the matter's density has to be in order for a black hole to be created. There are no known processes that can produce black holes with mass
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