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Cellular respiration refers to a set of processes and reactions taking place in the cells to convert the energy that they obtain from nutrients into ATP. In the process, some waste products are released. Cellular respiration involves catabolic reactions in which large molecules are broken down to smaller molecules releasing energy in the process. The energy is released when the weak high-energy bonds in the large molecules are replaced by stronger bonds in the smaller molecules.

Are you good in biology? Is cellular respiration an exothermic or an endothermic reaction? Why is cellular respiration considered as a redox reaction? The nutrients that are commonly used by plant and animal cells in respiration include amino acids, sugar and fatty acids. You can try some of our quizzes to see how good you are in biology.

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    Cells harvest energy in organic compounds to make ATP through a process called ______?

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    Where does glycolysis take place?

   Welcome to the new Electronic Frontier Advanced Biology Classroom of the 21st Century.  This test will focus on the cellular respiration process called "glycolysis". Cellular respiration involves four...

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    The glycolysis pathway or cycle occurs in the cytoplasm of animal and plant cells.

Take this biological quiz on cellular respiration and learn about it, Please do your best.

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    Which of the following statements is false.

Chapter 9 has covered all about Cellular respiration. This is a set of metabolic reactions and processes that take place in the cells of organisms to convert biochemical energy from nutrients into adenosine triphosphate...

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    What are the reactants of cellular respiration? Mark all that apply.

Cellular Respiration Questions & Answers

What is the input/output of the Electron Transport Chain?
A is the answer to this question. The electric transport chain will start with NADH+FADH2. The output will be 34 or 36 ATP. The electron transport chain is known to be important because this is the process that occurs during a redox reaction. What ha
Which of the following shows the products of photosynthesis?
The correct answer to this question is A, oxygen and glucose. Photosynthesis is a process plants and organisms use. In this process, light energy is converted into chemical energy. This energy helps fuel the activities of the organism. Plants use thi
Which of these occurs when air leaves the lungs?
People breathe every second without even knowing it. Breathing is an automatic reaction that takes place all the time. When someone breathes air into their lungs, it is important that carbon dioxide is released. Since the pressure is greater outside
Which of the following does not affect the respiratory rate?
None of the above. All of these are involved in regulating respiratory rate. Let’s say you went out for a run. As you pump your legs, the muscles increase their activity at the cellular level, using up more oxygen and producing more CO2 as thei