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Cellular respiration refers to a set of processes and reactions taking place in the cells to convert the energy that they obtain from nutrients into ATP. In the process, some waste products are released. Cellular respiration involves catabolic reactions in which large molecules are broken down to smaller molecules releasing energy in the process. The energy is released when the weak high-energy bonds in the large molecules are replaced by stronger bonds in the smaller molecules.

Are you good in biology? Is cellular respiration an exothermic or an endothermic reaction? Why is cellular respiration considered as a redox reaction? The nutrients that are commonly used by plant and animal cells in respiration include amino acids, sugar and fatty acids. You can try some of our quizzes to see how good you are in biology.
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   Welcome to the Electronic Frontier Classroom of the 21st Century. This test concentrates on the Krebs cycle or Citric Acid Cycle. the second important process in cellular respiration.It takes place within the...

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    What molecule is formed after isocitrate looses a carbon atom to Carbon Dioxide?

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    What is the basic chemical formula for cellular respiration?

The Continuity of Life: Cellular Reproduction

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    How do the genes in DNA control cell function?

This is a quiz regarding cellular respiration. All the best for this biological quiz!

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    Cellular Respiration begins with _____________.

Breathing is the sure sign of someone being alive, all human and plants breathe in order for them to grow and carry out their intended purposes. Respiration takes place in different ways for humans and plant. Give the test...

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    External respiration is the process of exchanging oxygen and carbon dixide in the lungs.


Cellular Respiration Questions & Answers

Why is Bronchitis is not considered as a form of pneumoconiosis?
Bronchitis is a dangerous ailment that affects the lungs. Coughing is a common system and determining factor in Bronchitis. Similar to Bronchitis is Pneumoconiosis. This disease affects the lungs as well but it is caused by bringing in dust into the
What is the input/output of the Electron Transport Chain?
A is the answer to this question. The electric transport chain will start with NADH+FADH2. The output will be 34 or 36 ATP. The electron transport chain is known to be important because this is the process that occurs during a redox reaction. What ha
What can happen when heart function declines and fluids fills spaces of the lungs?
Pulmonary edema When a heart function declines and fluid fills the lungs, it is known as “pulmonary edema.” Pulmonary edema is simply defined as the accumulation of excess fluid in the lungs, and this can make breathing difficult. When t
Which of the influenza, legionnaire's disease, lung cancer, or pleurisy is caused by cigarette smoking?
The correct answer to this question is Lung Cancer. Cigarette smoking is known to be the primary cause of lung cancer. The statistics are amazing. Studies shows that about 80 to 90% of lung cancers are caused by smoking. Cigarette smoke is known
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