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fIt’s time to test your biology knowledge with our trivia quizzes! Whether you’re brushing up for a school exam or just looking to test your knowledge, our biology trivia quizzes will pique your interest and help sharpen your wits. It doesn’t matter if you’re a biology buff or if you barely managed to pass your life science class in school—we have trivia quizzes that will raise your interest and test your knowledge.

Did you know that the human genome contains 3 billion base pairs of DNA? Do you know what it’s called when a butterfly goes from egg to larva to pupa to adult? Can you name the medical name for a white blood cell? If you think you can handle our wide-ranging biology quizzes, try some out today!

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  • What does DNA ligase do during DNA replication?
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  • To determine whether a field of study is a science, you would
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  • Strictly speaking, DNA replication leads to
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  • A cell builds its proteins from the instructions encoded in its _________?

  • What process occurs before the other?

  • Messenger RNA (mRNA) can be best described as:

  • If an animal cell is placed in distilled water, it will swell and burst. The bursting of the cell is a result of which biological process?
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  • Which of the following lists identifies organisms that are producers in food webs?
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  • In which of the following ways does a bacterial cell differ from an animal cell?
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  • Why a man sitting in a moving bus suddenly moves forward when the bus suddenly stops

  • The person sitting in a moving car has _________enrgy

  • Why in hitting carpet with stick mud flies away?