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Ecology Questions & Answers

What would be the effect of a farmer introducing a rat poison in to the ecosystem that is toxic to rats and mice in the terrestrial food web above?
The population of rabbits would decrease because the fox and the owl will not have mice to feed on so they will have to eat more rabbits!
What is the snake an example of in the food chain given below?
Why is it tertiary it makes no sense because it is the second consumer in the food chain this is so frustrating im done forget this i dont need science this is stupid im dropping out just kidding
What level is directly affected by the sun? Using the food web above, create a food chain. Label the producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer and tertiary consumer.
This type of question can be answered very quickly when you have an understanding of what food chain means. A food chain can be defined as the feeding relationship in which there is a linear network of links in a food web which starts from the produc