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Love and war, what comes between them? Why, people of course! And the same goes for the planet of love and the planet of war! They say men are from mars, and women are from Venus! And that's what these quizzes are about. Get ready to travel to the planet whose atmosphere is as acidic as a woman scorned, and get ready to answer questions about this mysterious cloudy planet!

Why don't scientists actually know what the surface of the planet looks like? How many moons does it have? Why is it named after the god of love? Why is it the only planet that's called a star? Is it called the morning, or the evening star? With questions like these, you may soon be in love with this planet!
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Venus has been named after the Roman Goddess of love and Fertility. Venus is one of the hottest planets in the Solar System and has a similar size to Earth. It has an extremely thick atmosphere. Find out how much do you...

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    Venus is the ______ planet from the Sun.

This quiz will test your knowledge of the planet Venus and also see how much you know about the Comic Life software

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    Venus is the ___________ planet from the sun.

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    Venus is a gas planet.

Test your knoledge of Venus and its channels.

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    Which of the following was the name of a Nasa mission to map the surface of Venus using radar?

Venus Questions & Answers

What is Venus clouds made up of?
The answer to this is C. Venus may be known as the brightest planet but it will not be the most pleasant planet to live in. The planet has a lot of active volcanoes and the greenhouse effect is massive. People would just need to take in one breath an
What unique features does Venus have as a planet?
Venus has always been known as the brightest planet in the solar system. This is already enough to make it unique. Yet, it still has other features that will make it distinct from all the other planets. This is also known as the hottest planet becaus
Why has no spacecraft come back from Venus?
There are different reasons for this. There is a lot of spacecraft that become inflated the moment that they hit Venus. Those who get to that planet can only provide information for a certain period of time before the people lose contact with them. I
What gases does the atmosphere of Venus contain?
There are a lot of gases that can be found in the planet Venus's atmosphere that truly makes it one of the planets that people cannot live in. First of all, more than 90% of the atmosphere is composed of carbon dioxide which is the type of gas that w