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  • What is the number one source of pollution?
    What is the number one source of pollution?
    The number one source of pollution is non-point pollution. The reason it gets the number one spot is that it is such a problem, no one really knows just how big it is because many non-point pollution sources go undetected. But, of the ones that we do know about, the issue is mammoth. Non-point pollution is pollution that comes from an indirect source like boats that are in the ocean. They aren't dumping oil or gas into the water directly, but they are doing indirectly with their exhaust. There are factories that pollute the ocean indirectly that don't even sit oceanside. They can be many states or many miles away from the ocean but their leakage into a river goes downstream, polluting the river and the sea. The same can be true for air pollution. Not all souces are directly sending air pollution up but may be doing so in an indirect manner like through fumes, even ones inside the building that end up being released into the atmosphere. Many pollutants are not direct but they directly effect the air, water, or ground and are huge problems that lead to the number one source of pollution.

  • What is the difference between dust and orbs?
    What is the difference between dust and orbs?
    There are so many tiny particles moving around in the air. Some of those tiny particles can be seen with our naked eyes, while some cannot be seen. Dust and orbs are quite similar and it will be very difficult to differentiate the two. Dust are mostly dry, fine particles of matter found in the air and covering the surface of objects, typically consisting of soil lifted up by the wind. Orbs, on the other hand, is formed during photography especially when it is done in the presence of flash. This usually leads to the creation of artifacts. Orbs is formed when the light from the flash comes in contact with any solid objects. Light can also hit dust and orbs will be formed. Dust is usually formed when wind is blowing. Or when big object suddenly falls on fine soils and other particles. It can also occur during volcanic eruption

  • What are the harmful effects of pollution?
    What are the harmful effects of pollution?
    The harmful effects of pollution are many. Pollution affects our health and happiness. It also harms our plants and animals and makes our world unfit to live in. Water pollution is killing our sealife which means the fish we eat are becoming toxic. Mercury from pollution is a huge problem. Plus, we drink water and it is polluted so we are taking toxins into our body and it is making us sick. Cancer and other huge medical issue are the result of taking in toxins from our water and from the air. Even the soil used to grown our food is contaminated with chemicals from pesticides, fertizers, and other culprit sources. Noise pollution can harm our ears and even our brains. It can mess with our mental health and keep us from getting good sleep which is imperative to our ultimate health condition. Light pollution is another type of pollution and it too can harm our brains and mental health state.

  • What are the major causes of pollution?
    What are the major causes of pollution?
    Pollution has many causes. Air pollution is one of the worst types. It is often caused by things rising up into the air. Car exhausts are one of the biggest culprits of air pollution. Some regulations have been placed on such matters but even still, it remains a mammoth problem. Factories that produce exhaust also are a huge problem. There have been measures to regulate them as well but only so much can actually be done about the problem and the air is being polluted at lighning speed. Even such things as aerosol sprays are polluting the air. There is also water pollution. Trash goes into the waterways either directly or indirectly such as when it rains and litter is swept into the streams or lakes. This is a huge problem as people drink this water. Factories also empty into the waterways and cause pollution. Even the oceans are being polluted and fishes are dying or getting poisoned. In return, people are eating toxic fish and seafood. Pollution is a huge problem and it must be stopped.

  • What is government doing to reduce pollution?
    What is government doing to reduce pollution?
    The government is doing a few constructive things to try to cut down on pollution. One thing is requiring all vehicles to use unleaded gas and also most states require an emissions inspection, per the advice of the government. Another thing is that they set regulations on plants such as the electric plant in Nucla, Colorado that they are actually shutting down because it uses coal and coal is thought to harm the enviroment. They have shut down other plants to and continue to rule things out for use like aerosol can sprays and the burning of certain things, like used tires. Companies are accountable to the government for their pollution index and levels so the government is monitoring them to make sure they are up to strict standards of air purity.

  • What are the most polluted cities in the US?
    What are the most polluted cities in the US?
    Asia hosts the highest numbers of polluted cities within the entire world. Gurugram, India, a suburb of New Deli is the most polluted city which is a rating of 138.5 on the scale. That is a shameful number to be at and not a lot is being done about it. There are many cities in India that are ridden with pollution. Much of it is air pollution but much has to do with trash on the ground and in the water as well. Kanpur, Faridabad, and Gaya are cities in India that also top the list and then there is Varanasi and Patna, Dehli, and Lucknow too. Cameron then takes a seat in the mix, followed by more cities in India. But India isn't the only place that is polluted. Even big United States cities like New York City and Los Angeles are in the top as far as polluted places go.

  • What are the most polluted rivers in the world?
    What are the most polluted rivers in the world?
    The most polluted rivers in the world are in Asia. In fact, most of them are in India. The trash in the area accounts for much of the pollution in their rivers. But India is not the only one with polluted rivers. The Mississippi River in the United States is very polluted. The factories along the river are a main cause for its pollution and the river takes the toxins right down the stream to pollute other water ways. The ships in the river also cause pollution. There is a huge polluting river in Italy too. China's Yellow River is loaded with polluting agents. The pollution in rivers is very dangerous. People drink from the water and eat fish from the water too. Even getting in the water causes toxins to sink into the body which causes a world of issues, healthwise. People and businesses are the main cause of pollution in general and water pollution is no exception. Plastics are a main culprit and it is people who make plastic and people who discard of plastic waste improperly. The pollution in rivers is a mammoth problem and it simply must be stopped. Applying pressure to places like India would be helpful so they would clean the rivers up and put preventative measures of avoiding pollution in place as well.

  • What are pollutants?
    What are pollutants?
    Pollutants are things that make the environment unclean. Pollutants can be in the air, water, soil, or anywhere else, even in the body. They can be caused from sound, light, trash, chemicals, exhaust, and many other things. When pollutants cause the air, water, or ground to go bad, many things are affected like our food and water and even the air that we breathe into our bodies. This causes a myriad of physical ailments like cancer, brain damage, and respiratory illness. It can also be a huge problem for plants, causing them to be toxic or to quit growing all together. When plants fail to grow in areas like the rain forests, the whole ecological system doesn't do right. Then, the animals are affected too. Animals drink polluted water, eat polluted food, and breathe polluted air just as humans do and this causes a world of problems, especially the animals that humans eat. Pollution is a cycle that is damaging and dangerous. But, efforts are being made to correct it all and you can help. Each individual who helps is apt to make a difference.

  • What is pollution control?
    What is pollution control?
    Pollution control is the act of trying to prevent and correct pollution. There are many ways that it can be carried out. Regulations can be put into place by the national government or by states or local organizations. This means that factories have rules to go by such as in what exhaust they can emit into the air or water. It can also put restrictions on individuals like having inspections on their cars to monitor the amount of pollutants their cars are emitting into the air. Pollution control can come at a personal level too. When an individual makes the committment not to litter or decides to recyle, that is pollution control. A parent can teach good habits to their children in regards to pollution control too and teachers can teach it to their students. Pollution control comes in many forms and is very helpful, no matter how large or small of a scale it is on. When everyone does their part, pollution is controlled at least a little and every little bit helps.

  • What are the most polluted oceans?
    What are the most polluted oceans?
    The most polluted oceans are the North Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The North Pacific Ocean has more that 2 trillion plastics that are floating about in it which is making it toxic, like a garbage can. The Indian Ocean is a close contender and is also filled with garbage. Those two are the top polluted rivers as far as non-biodegradable items being in them. The Baltic Sea is also very polluted. It is high in pollutants from ships and from factory run offs and that is especially bad because it is a prime fishing spot like for fish, crab, and other seafood. The Gulf of Mexico is also very polluted. Oil spills from tankers pumping and looking for oil is a big problem in that area. The North Atlantic is up there in pollution as well and the Arabian Sea doesn't fare too well either. The level of oxygen is diminishing in the oceans and seas that are heavily polluted which, of course, makes the seafood within the waters lessen and also makes them not healthy to eat. We are killing our oceans and that is the bottomline. The sad thing is it can be stopped by most people don't see the devestation so they don't really catch the magnitude of the problem.

  • Which is the most polluted country in the world?
    Which is the most polluted country in the world?
    The most polluted country in the world is India. The stats are based upon many different elements such as waste on the ground and chemical pollution in the air and also trash and other elements that ruin the environemnt's purity levels. India has 7 of the 10 worst polluted areas with China being a close contender. Where there is pollution, poor health abounds. Because the people are breathing the air, they are subject to such things as respiratory illnesses. They are generally malnourished so Diabetes and other diseases that are based upon eating healthily are running rampant. Then there are ailments that are plentiful which have to do with living in unsanitary conditions, like bacteria born health issues. With India having so much pollution, it's a wonder that it is still a tourist attraction, but it is.

  • Which is the least polluted country in the world?
    Which is the least polluted country in the world?
    The least polluted place in the entire world is Stockholm , Sweden. It was awarded the honor is 2010 and just keeps getting better about its clean habits. It is one of the greenest cities in the world which helps keep it pollution free. Most of the energy it uses is green too. There are other cities that are almost as clean as Stockholm like Madrid, Spain and Wellington, New Zealand. These towns focus on being clean in the air they put off and keep trash picked up too. They have clean water, clean air and a clean ground. The citizens are generally quite pleased with the recongition their city gains by being clean because people want to visit areas that are clean and want to do business with them too. India has the most polluted cities as they have 7 of the 10 worst ones. If you want to live clean, go to Stockholm and you will bask in the goodness of purity.