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Take the online environmental science quizzes and test your knowledge of natural disasters, climate, jungles, rivers, and deserts. Challenge your friends to see who can name the most mountain ranges or lakes.
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    Absorbs almost all the ultra-violet radiation that reaches the earth.

So, you’ve been working away on your studies in Advanced Placement Environmental Science, but the grind doesn’t end quite yet as we now turn our attention to two important topics within the study. Tell us all...

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    Which of the following is an environmental problem associated with abandoned coal mines? 

This test will go over the Grade 9 Environment Chemistry Unit with topics such as: the Nitrogen Cycle  Nitrogen Fixation Cellular Respiration Acid & Base Neutralization Macronutrients &...

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    What are the different types of nutrients?

High school students don’t fear! Your studies in Advanced Placement Environmental Science may seem overwhelming, but this quiz will do a good job of letting you know how much more work you need to put into your...

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     Which of the following is least likely to be an effect of global warming?

When we start to dive into a topic like environmental science, most tend to realise early on how daunting it can be. The sheer amount of information involved is simply overwhelming at times, but this environmental science...

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    All of the following disciplines are major contributors to the field of environmental science except


Environmental Science Questions & Answers

Which greenhouse gas has the greatest heat-trapping ability per molecule?
Chlorofluorocarbon has the greatest heat-trapping ability per molecule. Also referred to as CFCs, they are composed of carbon, fluorine, and chlorine. They are commonly referred to as Freon, which is the Dupont brand name. CFCs are commonly used as p
What are most of the Earth's deserts characterized by?
Most of the Earth’s deserts are approximately 30 degrees both North and South. This fact is because these locations are characterized by descending dry air currents. Most deserts are hot and their latitudes run close to the equator. There is a
Which greenhouse gasses has the greatest heat-trapping ability per molecule?
Out of all the greenhouse gases, it is chlorofluorocarbon that can be considered as the most popular. Chlorofluorocarbon is also known as CFC. This is known to trap heat. This explains why the world is getting hotter as the years pass by. Each atom i
Which contaminant's presence would be the strongest indicator that municipal sewage sludge is unfit for use as fertilizer?
Heavy metal is known to be highly toxic especially when it is exposed to the environment. One example of heavy metal is arsenic which is known to be very toxic especially when consumed by living things. There are a lot of deaths that have occurred b
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