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Chemistry Questions & Answers

What is the example for product of green chemistry?
In conservation of environment lesson bio plastic 3 option is the green chemistry product
What is the temperature of the heated gas? A gas is confined in a steel tank with a volume of 6.982 L. At 20.20°C, the gas exerts a pressure of 8.532 atm. After heating the tank, the pressure...
To solve this problem remember one thing: the volume will remain constant because the gas is placed in a steel tank. The formula you need to follow is: P1/T1 = P2/T2. Input all of the needed details and you will reach the answer 84.59 Degrees Celsius
Why does a marshmallow turn black when its toasted too long in a campfire? 
My friend is an expert at knowing marshmellows because he is one huuuuhhhhh
What charge does an electron have compared to a proton?
Electrons, protons, and neutrons are the three fundamental particles in an atom. Electron is a negatively charged particle, and according to Dalton's Atomic Theory, electrons are found outside the nucleus, and they orbit the nucleus. Protons, on the