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How much do you know about the largest planet in our solar system? It's named after the leader of the Roman gods and is often called a gas giant! It's the monster planet Jupiter! Did you know that there's a storm on there that's the size of three earths? But what is it called? How many moons does Jupiter have, and what are they named? Do you know?

And can you answer why Jupiter is similar to Saturn? Why do people say that Jupiter wears a belt? Are you're ready to be the voyager-1, or the cassinni spacecraft? To discover and share knowledge about the largest planet in our system? Are you ready to delve into mythology and space-knowledge? It's time to embrace your inner Buzz infinity and beyond!
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What do you know about jupiter?

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    What is Jupiter's Rotation?

Quiz for week 9 of Earth Science for the Logic Stage.  Jupiter and Saturn.   Try your best and see what happens!  Hope you have learned a lot about these wonderful giants.

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    How long is one day on Saturn?

Class quiz for jupiter lesson

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    How much of all planetary matter does Jupiter make up in our solar system?

Have you ever wonder how many planet are in the universe? Geographers told us they are seven, recent discoveries showed that there’s more out there in the space, and Jupiter is one of the earlier 7 discovered, take a quiz...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 37   |  Last updated: Dec 2, 2017
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    We have 7 planets in the solar system not considering the latest ones space scientist are talking about, which planet is the fifth one?


Jupiter Questions & Answers

Why do scientists think that Jupiter's moon Europa has life?
Jupiter’s moon Europa is often thought of as possible abode for life, because of the potential liquid water ocean beneath its icy surface. Europa has been speculated to be one of the most likely locations in the solar system for potential habit
Why are Trojan asteroids in Jupiter's orbit?
The Jupiter trojans, frequently called trojan asteroids or just trojans, are a large group of asteroids that share the planets Jupiter's orbit around the sun. They are named for heroes in the ancient Greek tales of the Trojan War. In the Lagrangian P
Why doesn't it burn like the sun if Jupiter is made of hydrogen?
The requirement of nuclear fusion to occur is possessing enough mass to heat the core of the planet to 10,000 k. Jupiter's mass is too small to create nuclear fusion. Jupiter would need to be about seventy-five times as massive to fuse hydrogen, burn
Why is it said that Jupiter might have diamond precipitation?
New atmospheric data indicates that carbon is abundant in its crystal form. Lightning storms turn methane into the soot (carbon) which as it falls, hardens into chunks of graphite and then diamond. As the clouds of soot fall toward the planet, they c
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