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The speed at which food is broken down to produce energy is called the metabolic rate. The faster the process, the more fat you burn, but if it is slower, you store more. Which metabolic type do you think you have? Take up this...

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    In the morning, you:

MULTIPLE CHOICETest your knowledge in carbohydrate metabolism. You have 4 minutes to complete the test.

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    Which of the following statements is true about catabolic pathways?

Are you feeling light headed or nauseous? Are you diabetic? Take this quiz to find out if you are in Ketosis! Disclaimer: We aren't medical experts and this quiz cannot diagnose or treat any medical issues. Call 911 right...

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    When is the last time you ate carbs?

The Quiz is a part of the class today on Microbial Metabolism.

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    The process of converting chemical energy of glucose into the chemical bonds of ATP is called?

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    What does the operon model attempt to explain?

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Metabolism Questions & Answers

What does the nurse expect to find in a client with Cushing's syndrome? A nurse is assessing a client with possible Cushing's syndrome.
1. deposits of adipose tissue in the trunk and dorsocervical area.-rationale: because of changes in fat distribution, adipose tissue accumulates in the trunk, face (moon face), and dorsocervical areas (buffalo hump). hypertension is caused by fluid r
Which test does the nurse anticipate the physician will order to confirm the diagnosis? A nurse is caring for a client with suspected diabetes insipidus. 1. Capillary blood glucose...
1. fluid deprivation test-rationale: the fluid deprivation test involves withholding water for 4 to 18 hours and periodically checking urine and plasma osmolarity. a client with diabetes insipidus will have an increased serum osmolarity of less than
How will a nurse assess hyperkalemia following a unilateral adrenalectomy?
The potassium levels in our body are strictly monitored. Slight changes can result in severe consequences as potassium is integral to numerous functions, especially the contraction of the muscle. These muscles include the voluntary as well as the inv
What is the importance of citrate in fatty acid metabolism?
1. activation of acetyl-coa carboxylase-fa synthesis and b-oxidation must not occur at the same time (futile cycle) compartmentalization: fa synthesis in cytosol, breakdown in mitocondria malonyl-coa (substrate for fa synthesis) shuts down carnitine