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A comprehensive database of more than 29 metabolism quizzes online, test your knowledge with metabolism quiz questions. Our online metabolism trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top metabolism quizzes.

Do you know what your BMR-Rate is? Do you in fact know what a BMR-rate is? If you do, then you may be a metabolic-scientist, a body-builder or someone interested in personal fitness. Either way, exercising takes its toll on your body, and thinking on your mind, and we have to pay for that toll right?

But do you know how? If you do, then grab a sandwich and try these quizzes out! There will be a starter course of easy questions on the food groups and sugary-foods, followed by the main course of questions on carbs, body-fat and vitamins. For dessert, we have a nice difficult list of questions regarding digestion, body-types and energy. After that mental workout, you'll want to sleep for weeks!

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  • A client who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes14 years ago is admitted to the medical-surgical unit with abdominal pain. On admission, the client's blood glucose level is 470 mg/dl. Which finding is most likely to accompany this blood glucose level?

  • A nurse should expect to administer which medication to a client with gout?

  • A nurse administered neutral protamine Hagedorn (NPH) insulin to a client with diabetes mellitusat 7 a.m. At what time should the nurse expect the client to be most at risk forhypoglycemia?

  • Vilka metoder använder man för att bestämma cellantal?
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  • Vilka metoder använder man för att bestämma cellmassan?
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  • Ett komplext medium är ett näringsmedium som man vet exakt vilka näringsämnen som ingår, både till kvantitet och kvalitet, eftersom alla komponenter har tillsatts manuellt med destillerat vatten som startmaterial.
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  • When is the last time you ate carbs?
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  • Are you diabetic?
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  • Have you exercised today?
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  • Plasma membranes are a feature of ______.

  • Which of the following is NOT a component of plasma membranes?

  • Which of the following are true of the plasma membrane?