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Protein Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Soy and Whey Protein?
Soy and whey proteins are presently the most popular forms of protein, in the realm of fitness health. They have a wide variety of advantages and disadvantages connected with them. First, whey protein is typically better not processed within the body
What is the building block for creating proteins?
1. Amino Acids2. Amino3. Acids
What is the difference between Plant Protein and Animal Protein?
Animal proteins are very similar to human proteins and are used rapidly in comparison to plant proteins. The amino acids provided by animal protein can be easily obtained for protein synthesizing reactions. With the aid of these reactions, they can o
What is the difference between Black and Pinto beans?
One noticeable difference between black and pinto beans is their color. Black beans, as its name suggests, are black in color while pinto beans are brown with flecks of white. When cooked, pinto beans turn pink and black beans maintain its black colo