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Eggs and yogurt and cheese, beef and bacon and beans: do you have enough protein in your diet? Proteins are one of the four main biomolecules that allow life to exist as we know it, but how much do you know about this fundamental building block of living things?

Can you name the twenty-one amino acids found in the proteins of animals like you and me? Do you know the levels of protein structure that give them their shape and let them perform their functions in your body?

What are the jobs proteins do for us on a biological level, and what’s the difference between an essential and non-essential amino acid? What kinds of “non-protein” roles do proteins play in your body? Brush up on this biomolecule by taking our protein quizzes!

What do you know about protein and nutrition? There are many variables to consider when you are ‘talking business.’ For starters, amino acids are a large proportion of our tissues, muscles, cells. They play a chief...

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    Protein can be found in.

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    What kind of control mechanism is indicated when increased blood glucose levels stimulate increased secretion of insulin?

Below is a Proteins Trivia Facts Quiz: Do You Really Know much about them? The human body needs a lot of things to function and one of the ingredients is proteins. Are you planning on going on a diet or giving someone advice on...

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    Which of the following is a function of some proteins?

What do you know about the functions of protein? The basic structure of a protein is a chain of amino acids. It would be best if you had protein in your diet to help you to repair cells and generate new ones. Protein is the...

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    Proteins are organic molecules because they contain ...

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    Which of the following statements is FALSE?

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Protein Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Soy and Whey Protein?
Soy and whey proteins are presently the most popular forms of protein, in the realm of fitness health. They have a wide variety of advantages and disadvantages connected with them. First, whey protein is typically better not processed within the body
What is the difference between Plant Protein and Animal Protein?
Animal proteins are very similar to human proteins and are used rapidly in comparison to plant proteins. The amino acids provided by animal protein can be easily obtained for protein synthesizing reactions. With the aid of these reactions, they can o
What is the building block for creating proteins?
1. Amino Acids2. Amino3. Acids
What is the difference between Hemp Protein and Whey Protein?
Hemp protein is an ideal intake for vegans as it is a plant-based product, and the body finds it easier to get it to digest. On the other hand, whey protein happens to be an animal-based product, and it is less ideal for lactose intolerant people and