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Did you know that about one percent of your cells are replaced every year, but that brain cells are never replaced? Check out the online molecular biology quizzes to learn more astonishing facts about cells, DNA, amino acids, zygotes, and more.
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    Who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993 for inventing PCR?

A student who undertakes molecular biology in school should have a proper understanding of protein functions in molecular cloning and understand the DNA of living things. One gets to understand the activity between...

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    Complex molecules (macromolecules) are made by joining smaller molecules together using dehydration synthesis

Belajar tanpa berpikir tidak ada gunanya, sedangkan berpikir tanpa belajar adalah berbahaya.Mohon diperhatikan untuk perkuliahan besok (9 Juni 2009). Setiap mahasiswa diharuskan menyiapkan...

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    The product of a polymerase chain reaction.

A quiz for SBI4U Biology, covering DNA structure, replication, transcription & translation.

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    DNA nucleotides have three components. Which one of these is NOT part of a DNA nucleotide?

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    Southern Blots are used to study...

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Molecular Biology Questions & Answers

Is the gene the basic unit of genetic information?
Yes Gene is the basic unit of genetic information. It is the basic unit of heredity in living organisms. A gene may take several values. It also predetermines a precise trait of an organism’s form. Gene is made up of a small segment of DNA. Ge
What is the effect of a competitive inhibitor on an enzyme-mediatedreaction?
The correct answer to this question is Vmax decreases, KM is unchanged. Vmax is a reaction rate. This rate occurs when a substrate fully saturates an enzyme. When this saturation occurs, it indicates that all of the binding sites are occupied co
What would be the conclusion based on this observation?
States that The gene for eye color is located on the X chromosome. This would be correct because females have two X chromosomes. The eye color phenotype is sex-linked. This is correct because all of the females have the eye color. This type of ques
What can be said of the chemical reaction?
The correct answer to this question is The reaction is not spontaneous under standard conditions. A chemical reaction occurs when substances go through a change. This change is chemical and will change the substance into another substance. These reac
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