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We’ve all heard of hydrogen as a chemical element and a gas. We’ve compiled some hydrogen quizzes just to see what else you know. Do you know what the atomic number of hydrogen is, or when hydrogen gas was first artificially produced? Do you know why the presence of hydrogen often makes the completion of pipelines more complicated?

Do you the ways in which hydrogen can be prepared? Do you know how hydrogen works as a coolant? If you and your friends are science geeks, then you may want to check out who is the geekiest. We’ve got a variety of hydrogen tests waiting for you all to try out, so you can find out who is the king, or queen, of geeks. 
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How much do you know about fuel cells? Care to test your knowledge? 

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    Hydrogen is limitless.

Objectives ·  Connect the importance of inference from experimental data. ·  Explain the concept of energy absorption and energy emission. ·  Identify the significance of only specific...

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    When determining how an atom works, scientists witnessed something similar to what you are witnessing now.  They then deduced how the atom must be organized.  What do you think is making the photons deflect?  Is every color deflected?

A quiz to see if you understand what you were looking at.

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    How does hydrogen fuel benefits your engine?

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    NASA used hydrogen for a rocket once.

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Hydrogen Questions & Answers

What is the balanced equation of Hydrogen peroxide's decomposition?
The correct answer is number 2 and shows the spontaneous breakdown of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide is eventually going to break down into the water but because there isn't enough hydrogen, oxygen will also form. Hydrogen
What was the test for hydrogen? 
Would be better for multiple choice because the odds of someone writing something EXACTLY like you is very unlikely. I said makes a pop sound when exposed to a flaming splint. Pretty much the same, but worded different.
What is the oxidation number of Hydrogen?
This is actually incorrect. Any element in the free state has an oxidation state of 0. Hydrogen usually has the oxidation state of 1+ in compounds. In this case, hydrogen is in its free state since it is not a part of a compound. So the answer sho