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Aging is made up of a number of processes that cause deterioration of your body's cells and lead to the loss of physical, sensory, and mental capabilities. How familiar are you with the factors that increase your risk...

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    Which of these are NOT risk factors for heart disease?

Ever wondered you'll be like when you "grow up?" Take our aging personality to find out!

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    Which of the following would you like to accomplish in your life?

Dear SOCI 2343 NT Class: Please try writing this fun quiz I made: Myths and Realities Quiz: The Social Theories of Aging. Note: If you have yet to complete Lesson 3: The Social Theories in Aging may help you in the learning...

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    There is no such thing as old age. We all contribute to a social construction of it, via our attitudes, actions, thoughts about people; via our expectations about how people of a certain age should act.

Aging Questions & Answers

What can I do to reverse aging?
You cannot reverse aging, but you can do different things that can help slow down aging. For example, there are some people who will make sure that they will live a healthier lifestyle. This means that they will work out and pay attention to the food
What causes bones to become more brittle?
Hi,no comment on the discussion questions very good questionthank you
Which tissue is hypertrophy most commonly seen in?
A and BHypertrophy results from an increased workload imposed on an organ or body part and is commonly seen in CARDIAC and SKELETAL MUSCLE tissue, which cannot adapt to an increase in workload though MITOTIC DIVISION and formation of more cells (p. 3