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Young people these days eh? An old man shakes his head as he watches youngsters gallivanting around, causing havoc and chaos. On the other side of the park, a young couple sits together, holding hands, happy to be young and alive.

Now that we have seen both sides of the case, it's time to cast your vote. Do you support young people, their shenanigans and their youth, or are they too noisy? Maybe you just don't know enough about them? Well then these quizzes are for you!

With questions about the younger generation, regarding fashion, music, art, culture and religion...there's enough in these quizzes to show which generation you truly belong to! How much do you really know about the youth of today?

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  • Y71 have a FullView Display with ____________ Large Screen?
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  • Which of the following is a barrier for  youth growht and develoment?

  • In which book of teh Bible is clear instruction given to a prophet to write a vision down adn make it plain?

  • The first step in leading a team is:

  • If you haven't been trained for a job, you should:
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  • Any worker should ensure that a workplace is kept clean and hazards are removed or attended to as soon as possible.
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  • The epidemic of violent behavior that marked the early 1990s is over, and young people ,as well as the rest of society , are much safer today.

  •  Although such key indicators of violence as arrest and victimization data clearly show significant reductions in violence since the peak of the epidemic in 1993, an equally important indicator warns against concluding that the problem is solved. Self-reports by youths reveal that involvement in some violent behaviors remains at 1993 levels.

  • Most future offenders can be identified in early childhood.