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A comprehensive database of more than 186 family quizzes online, test your knowledge with family quiz questions. Our online family trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top family quizzes.

Do you have a modern family? No, I'm not talking about the TV show. We have a bunch of quizzes all about family. From famous personalities to your cousin’s uncle’s niece’s great grandma! Are you familiar with the family tree of some famous personalities and celebrities? Did you know that Ashton Kutcher has a twin? Yes, he has! How many husbands has Liz Taylor had? Can you name them all?

It’s all about who’s related to who. Did you know that President John Adams was the father of another US President? Who was his son? Yup, it’s President John Quincy Adams. Can you find the connections? There's more where those came from! It's really all in the family. Try out our quizzes to test your familiarity.

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