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  • How to be a good grand daughter?
    How to be a good grand daughter?
    There are a lot of people who would forget about their grandparents when they get older. Some people do not put too much attention to the aging community, so they usually feel neglected, especially after all the sacrifices that they have done. To become a good granddaughter, I will always make an effort to visit my grandparents, who are still alive. I know that there are times when they have some very slight concerns. There will also be times when they need someone to talk to. The best thing that I can give them that can never be replaced is time. Time spent with grandparents will make them feel loved.

  • Is Hailie Jade Mathers Eminem's only real daughter?
    Is Hailie Jade Mathers Eminem's only real daughter?
    Yes, Hailie Jade Mathers is Eminem’s only real daughter. Eminem is also the legal father of two other daughters, namely Alaina Marie and Whitney but these two girls are from his ex-partners. He is not the birth father of these two girls. The name of Eminem started as M&M to showcase the initials of his name, but he became creative and playful and decided to write his name as Eminem. This worked because there are a lot of people who are familiar with him. There are also a lot of people who want to become updated with the various things that he is doing.

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