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How much do you know about "Soil"? If we say "soil", what comes to your mind? Is it the same as dirt? You might be surprised but it isn't because dirt is restricted to displaced soil. Before we get too technical, do you think you have the tools to toil with our quizzes on Soil?

Do you have the answer to some basic questions like… What are the processes that form soil? I hope your knowledge hasn’t "eroded" somewhere else! Are you familiar with the physical properties of soil? Just like our questions, there will probably be some rough spots but nothing to worry about.

Come and start planting the seeds of knowledge by taking on our quizzes. Make sure your soil is fertile though! Dig into our quizzes on "Soil".

Who would say that at some point we would be able to test different types of soils for our own good. Take up the quiz below on soils special inspection and see how it goes. All the best.

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  • Sample Question
    You have just finished an in-place density test that resulted in a failing test, who should you contact first?

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    The top layer of soil made up mostly of humus.  Many small animals live here.

Answer the following questions by choosing the best answer.  Each question will only have one answer

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  • Sample Question
    What contains water, air, humus and tiny pieces of rock?

Study exam for the Soi Erosion and Sedimentation Control Training - Unit 1

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    Erosion and sedimentation result in loss of  ________________   _______________ .

A fun quiz I've made just for learning purposes.

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  • Sample Question
    What causes soil erosion?

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Soil Questions & Answers

What soil can only be seen using a microscope?
Clay soil is seen using is very is made up of very fine holds lots of has little air.
What is the maximum rock size allowed in fill material?
No access to plans. It is impossible to know the answer without the plans...
What is the difference between Growers and Showers?
A grower is invested in the business of cultivating the soil and producing flowers and vegetables and fruit. It is someone who harvests goods that come from the earth, which is not just edible items; it can also be textiles such as cotton. The grower
Is it true or false that regular tillage/plowing helps keep open pores at the soil’s surface and increases water infiltration into the soil?
1. FalseFalse. You may be happily hoeing in your garden thinking youre helping your plants receive the water they need, but hoeing (or tillage/plowing) actually reduces the capacity of the soil to receive and hold water. Tillage destroys soil aggrega