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What is the process of harnessing solar energy stored in oceans and seas, known as?
The correct answer to this question is A, OTEC, which stands for ocean thermal energy conversion. OTEC is both a process and a technology. It is responsible for producing energy from differences in the ocean waters temperature waves. The temperate di
What is this device? A device is fitted to motor vehicles to chemically reduce some gases produced by internal combustion engines like NOx, CO, and HC into less harmful products.
Correct answer is option A A catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device fitted into a motor, it converts toxic gases like CO, NO and HC to less toxic pollutants by catalysing a REDOX reaction. A 2 stroke engine is an internal combusti
What is ex-situ conservation?
A good general definition of ex-situ conservation is “off-site conservation,” or a method of conservation that can be done outside the natural habitat. Examples include sperm and egg banks as well as zoos and botanical gardens, as the pre
Which mode through natural gas is transported?
The answer to this is A. There is a need for natural gas to be transported through pipelines. Are you familiar with what natural gas is? This is the type of gas that usually comes deeply from the surface of the earth. This may come with a lot of comp