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Whether it's cleaning a road, sweeping a floor, operating on some poor person's broken knee or cooking a tasty meal, everyone has to work. So how much do you know about the work that people do around you? Can you answer questions that are out of your comfort zone? If you're an IT guy, can you answer questions about cooking and arranging flowers? If you're a fashionista, can you answer questions about cleaning toilets and building rockets?

If you're a scientist, can you answer questions about politics and designing gardens? We can guarantee that after you’re done with these quizzes, you'll know something you didn't, and do something you didn't know you could!
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    What is a key step in Teamwork?

The Works and Dictum of the Architects

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    Is the most famous for the eye catching tower he constructed in Paris for the       exposition universally of 1889 work of Eiffel tower.

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    Which pulley requires the least amount of input force?

Practice quiz for chapter 7.

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    A solar collector heats the water in the water tank of a home. Which energy transformation equation best describes this situation?

Ever gotten confused thinking about what career to start? Take this quiz to discover what career you’re meant to begin!

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  • Sample Question
    What is your favorite color?

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Work Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Duration and Work?
Duration and work are words that we use in place of each other, even though it is not right. There are major differences between these two words. Duration is the total time taken to complete a task or work. Duration is measured in hours, day, week,
What are the correct 8 steps of teamwork?
Clear goal,results-driven structure,competent team members,unified commitment,collaborative climate,understood by all,external support,principled leadership.
What is the difference between Create And Made?
Create And Made are two English words that are very synonymous, which means both words can be used interchangeably if you are not going to consider the fact that one is already in its past form. Made in the past tense of 'make' which means to produce
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