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  • Are you comfortable with a demanding schedule? Scheduled break times, rush hour shift, etc.

  • Are you capable and comfortable with performance based metrics?

  • Are you capable and comfortable in small enclosed spaces, like a cubicle?

  • A boy of 8 years in age named Chris has a 10-year-old brother named Chuck. Chuck enrols in military service at 20 leaving Chris feeling angry that his brother left him. After 7 years, Chris is finally ready to make peace with his brother Chuck who has been out of the military service for 5 years. How old is Chris now?

  • At the first instance of production of a new video game, it is  had been discovered that the ratio of working games to error-prone games is 20 to 1. If 360 games are produced, how many of the games will be error-prone?

  • What are the approximate sales per day? If Ingenio Inc. has $4 million in sales over the past week. 

  • We all have a reason for existing, society shaped us and we fit into our field of work in human endeavor, an individual working for a company is referred to as nitty-gritty

  • Pre-modern time has rich people owning slaves to work for them. However, in modern time an individual can seek employment by what means?

  • Employer looking for somebody to fit into a position in their company needs information about that individual prior to engaging them, what is the full meaning of CV?

  • A __________ is a grid that organizes data into columns and rows.
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  • The __________ is the place in your worksheet where you enter information; it is highlighted with a black border.
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  • These items on a spreadsheet are labeled with letters.
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