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It is a very popular word in today’s economies. If one country is to become a major economic power then employment should be as high as possible in order for the entire workforce to contribute. Our employment quiz will test all your knowledge about this fact. From employment and unemployment rates around the world to employment contracts, you say it we’ve got it.

What was the country with the highest employment rate in the world in 2010? What are the two main ways in which employers can find employees nowadays? The contractual relationship in which the employee can be dismissed at any time without just cause is called? We think you’re the right man for the job. Consider this trivia your interview. Score as high as you can and you have the job.

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  • When you start to feel challenged, do you push harder to fight against the obstacle, or do you have a tendency to "drop it" and cut your losses?
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  • When you encounter a business that interests you, do you try to figure out how much money the owner is really making?
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  • When you are faced with what seems like a crisis situation, do you immediately try to figure out who is to blame for it, or do you immediately try to resolve the crisis in some way?
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  • What is the purpose of The Basic conditions of Employment Act?

  • An employee must rest for 36 hours between the end of one working week and the start of the next?

  • If an employee works 5 hours overtime and earns R 15 per hour. calculate his overtime pay 

  • Which of the following defects are cause for removing a web sling or polyester round sling from service?

  • What size slings are required to lift the load? 

  • What is the load that each leg of the rigging will see? 

  • A boy of 8 years in age named Chris has a 10-year-old brother named Chuck. Chuck enrols in military service at 20 leaving Chris feeling angry that his brother left him. After 7 years, Chris is finally ready to make peace with his brother Chuck who has been out of the military service for 5 years. How old is Chris now?

  • At the first instance of production of a new video game, it is  had been discovered that the ratio of working games to error-prone games is 20 to 1. If 360 games are produced, how many of the games will be error-prone?

  • What are the approximate sales per day? If Ingenio Inc. has $4 million in sales over the past week.