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Do you know what a genetic trait is? Why do you have curly hair while everybody else has straight? Check out our online genetics quizzes and see if you know the answers to these questions and learn more.
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Welcome to a simple biology quiz on genetics. The study of genetics has led to many breakthroughs in the health sector. It helps one to know their likely hood of developing some diseases. Take up the quiz below and see just...

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    What is the study of heredity?

A genetic algorithm is a way of solving some optimization problems doesn’t matter if they are constrained or unconstrained. It is derived from Charles Darwin biological evolution theory. It is important for one to get a...

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      In the choice phase of problem solving, normative models involve selecting an optimal or best outcome

Are you familiar with the Amoeba Sisters and sex-linked traits? This quiz will explain a sex-linked characteristic. If you have color sightlessness, it means that you can see colors differently than most people. Most of the...

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    Is the individual  male or female?

This is a quiz on genetics! A good understanding of how evolution theory is based on understanding how genes keep changing. Did you know that intelligence cannot be tested by DNA kits? The trivia questions below ae perfect...

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    What is a genetic mutation?

Human genes hold a lot of things that scientists are still trying to figure out. If you are a medical student, you have probably read up on human genetics. The quiz below is designed to test just how much you know about genetics....

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  • Sample Question
    What type of cell does mitosis create?

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Genetics Questions & Answers

What type of trait is albinism based on the information? Below is a pedigree for albinism.
The answer to this question is X linked and recessive. If you are not familiar with Albinism, this is a type hereditary disorder that is often related to hypopigmentation. One of the most common forms of Albinism is OCA or Oculocutaneous Albinism. Th
What percentage of the alleles for hair length in this population are the long hair (h) allele?
The correct answer to this question is 30%. This type of question could be found on both a math or science test. It is related to the Hardy–Weinberg Principle. This principle is also known as HWE or the Hardy–Weinberg law. It is named aft
What type of cell does mitosis create in Genetics?
Mitosis occurs in our somatic cells and mitosis form our body by creating diploid cell
What is the study of heredity called?
The study of heredity is called genetics. Genetics is a branch of biology that deals with the transmission and variation of inherited characteristics. It also refers to the genetic makeup of a specific individual or specie. DNA is a biopolymer of de
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