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In the beginning, there was...nothing! And yet, here we are! How did we get here? What created us? There is one possible explanation recognized by most scientists. "All the dust and particles in the universe started spinning and collecting in a single location. The heat and energy in this tiny space became too much and it..." And it what? That's exploded! Just like the answers in your head when you take a quiz!

Can you answer questions about this theory's conception, evolution and evidence? Do you know your hawks from your Hawkings, your metres from your Lemaitre?

Are you ready to start this quiz off with a bang? Atthept our quizzes on Big Bang Theory and increase the span of your knowledge about the topic.

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    The moon has an atmosphere.

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    What did Martin Ryle create?

This is the first quiz for my lession plan

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    It is estimated the the Big Bang happen approximately how long ago?

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    Did the Big Bang make everything in the world

Thank for doing this!

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    Part 1 what is the big bang? ice cream