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  • What is the maximum issue age for a Sun Solutions contract?
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  • Sun Solutions is available with what withdrawal charge period options?
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  • What is the annual insurance charge for a Sun Solutions 9 year withdrawal charge period contract with Account Value Death Benefit?
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  • What do you have to check  on the Case Fields whenever  you process an Upgrade Online Case?
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  • What is the first thing that you have to check in the case before you process anything?
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  • What is the e-mail address that you have to put in the E-mail confirmation?
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  • What does the picture of the sugar cube suspended in water tell you about where on a solid sample the solution process takes place? 

  • The conditions that cause sugar to dissolve faster in water are  

  • Finely ground particles dissolve more rapidly than larger particles because finer particles expose a greater surface area to the colliding solvent molecules. 

  • Which Avaya software is used to provide consolidated reporting with Avaya Proactive Contact 4.Xand other Avaya communication solutions?

  • Which Avaya CM circuit pack is necessary if the customer expects to do predictive dialing onProactive Contact with CTI?

  • Which Proactive Contact component allows clients residing off the dialer to obtain events and realtimedata from the dialer?