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Calling all Science fans! We have a collection of quizzes that will make your mouth water! For sure you're quite familiar with the "water cycle", right? Well, here's your chance to test the waters and see how much you really know. Are you ready for our "precipitation" of questions?

Check out these questions. What are some other terms for water cycle? Can you still recall the its basic processes? Do you still remember most of the technical terms involved? Well we sure hope your knowledge hasn't evaporated yet because we're just getting started.

This is the subject that you love so don't be acting like you're a fish out of water. We know you got this, so go ahead and make a splash with our quizzes on the Water Cycle!

Water is a component of both hydrogen and oxygen gas. The water cycle is a natural process that is responsible for rainfall around the world. There are different forms that water goes through, and this we all covered under the...

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    What is the step of the water cycle when the water goes back into the clouds?

Water undergoes different stages which we can identify using a water cycle diagram. Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection are the main stages in the water cycle. This M3 science quiz is designed to help you...

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    Water can exist as a solid, liquid and a (an ):

You will be taking a test to see what you have learned about the water cycle and the weather. Read and check questions carefully.

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    What do you call a person who studies and predicts  the weather?

Take this quiz after watching the video and reading through the links provided. There are five multiple choice questions. Good luck!

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    The water cycle is

Water is present in the atmosphere in solid, liquid, and vapor states. On the surface of the Earth, water is essential in both chemical and physical weathering processes. Before it is the water, we see if undergoes different...

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    What is another name for precipitation?

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Water Cycle Questions & Answers

How has a meterologist's equipment changed over the last decade?
It has been more predictable and more easier because of electronics and it's the further now
Can you describe the different stages of the water cycle?
All living things need a water source. So the Lord God made the water cycle that takes the energy from the sun to heat up the earth creating evaporation and when the plants release their energy, transpiration. As the water in a gaseous state rises, i
What is the science explanation for the water droplets on the outside of the bottle with this cold bottle of water?
The bottle of water is cold and colder than the atmosphere immediately around it. The reaction of the damp outside of the bottle is to form droplets of water. The outside is warmer than the inside of the bottle and the outer damp condenses in the air
Which of the following is the condensed water that falls to Earth's surface?
Precipitation : when the cloud gets to heavy and cant hold the water anymore so it falls down as exp: rain steel snow