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The topic of our present trivia is at the center of one of the most heated debates around the world at the moment. Many argue for it because of scientific reasons. Many argue against it because of personal beliefs and other such reasons. No matter what, evolution is a fact in today’s world and whether you accept it or not is a personal issue. Nevertheless, it is worth knowing what it refers to and its history.

Our trivia has a large number of questions such as: According to evolution, all life on Earth descends from a last universal ancestor who lived how long ago? What was the name of the book in which Darwin published his theory of evolution? If you can answer these then you should try our evolution trivia.
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    A cross between two individuals results in a ration of 9 : 3 : 3 : 1 for four possible phenotypes of progeny. This is an example of a:

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    Origin of life as a result of chemical evolution has been properly explained by or the most logical biochemical theory of origin of life has been given by

This exam is to test your knowledge of geologic time.

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    __________ is the division of Earth’s history based on life forms which lived during that period.

Try this quiz to check and see if you're comfortable with many of the ideas we've discussed throughout this unit on evolution and animals.

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    This natural philosopher proposed that evolution resulted from the inheritance of acquired characteristics - for example, giraffe offspring acquired longer necks because their parents stretching to reach higher leaves.

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    Which of these is NOT one of the three requirements for evolution to occur?

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Evolution Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Darwin and Lamarck?
The two scientists that gave theories on evolution are Darwin and Lamarck. The following explains the difference in their theories: Lamarck's theory of evolution was simply about how organisms (Plants and Animals) experience alterations during their
What do allele frequencies show when nonrandom mating occurs in a population?
Alleles are basically the individual forms of a gene from your mother and father. You have two strands of DNA. One from your mother and the other from your father. Both have corresponding genes at corresponding lengths along the strands. However, eac
Why do pea crabs live in mussels and oysters?
Pea crabs are small pea-size crustaceans that hang on to the larger oysters and mussels as a form of stabilization selection. You see, alone they may not be able to survive. However, with a strong host, these lucky crabs have a chance of continuing t
What is the "Scientific" name for segmented worms?
The scientific name for a segmented worm is annelid. This is actually a phylum of worms - all segmented or ringed on their bodies. It includes animals like leeches, ringworms, and earthworms. Each segmented part contains the same organs. These could
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