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The neck bone connected to the... quiz bone! Here’s another intriguing challenge for you. Questions after questions about the skeletal system, the all important mechanism holding us together. We’ve evolved a lot across the millenniums and it’s time to put your skills to the ultimate test.

How many bones are we born with? How many bones are in the vertebral column? What vital organs to the skull, rib cage and patella protect? Are long bones generally larger in males or in females? Osteoporosis is a disease of bone which leads to an increased risk of what? How many rows of bones are there in primitive tetrapods? This is about it as far as sample questions are concerned. Time to head on towards our skeletal system quizzes. Don’t break any bones while you’re at it!

So you might know how many bones we do have in our individual bodies but why that specific number though? Well, every single bone contributes to each body reflexes and the way we are shaped from head to toe, there's...

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  • Sample Question
    Place where two or more bones meet.

This is a quiz for ninth grade students, focusing on the human skeletal system. Let's start skeletal system quiz and learn more about it!

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following is a joint that allows movement in only one direction?

While our organs, the respiratory system, and the cardiovascular system are some of the features of the human body that keep us ticking away as intended, the skeletal system is what provides us with shape and form, allowing us to...

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  • Sample Question
    The skeletal system consists of:

Let’s take a look under the hood today, shall we? Peering at the musculoskeletal system, we’ll be able to see the part of our bodies which provides us with form, support, stability and the ability to move our arms,...

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  • Sample Question
    What is a place of union between 2 or more bones called?

This test is made to help you learn more about the skeletal system.

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  • Sample Question
    What disorder is the sideways curvature of the spine?

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Skeletal System Questions & Answers

What do the carpals and tarsals protect?
The carpal bone protects the wrist bones, hence the term “carpal tunnel syndrome.” People who have a difficult time piloting the mouse when using the computer, or they experience pain, and they are writing freehand, could be dealing with
What connects bones to muscles?
Ligaments connect bones to bones. The answer should be tendons.
Which of the following connects bones to muscles?
Yes, it's tendons, not ligaments. I almost hate taking these quizzes because the quiz makers often have so many wrong answers. No real way of testing your knowledge with these, except for knowing you're right and the quiz maker is wrong. sigh Oh well
What part of the Human bone are blood cells made in?
The part of the bone where the blood cells are made is called the marrow.