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Photosynthesis Questions & Answers

Which of the following is a product of the Calvin cycle?
The correct answer to this question is option B Calvin cycle, also known as Benson Calvin cycle refers to series of chemical reactions that take place in the chloroplast of a plant during photosynthesis. The cycle has four main steps that are light
Why is a carrot an example of a taproot system?
A carrot is an example of a taproot system because a taproot has a single straight, vertical root that grows very deeply and smaller, horizontal roots grow off of this root. Therefore, the answer is A. Other taproot plants include parsley, turnips, a
Where does the oxygen during photosynthesis come from?
The oxygen during photosynthesis comes from split water molecules. During photosynthesis, the plant absorbs water and carbon dioxide. After the absorption, the water molecules are disassembled and converted into sugar and oxygen. The water molecules