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Get ready to zero in on these quizzes! Speaking of zeroes, sometimes there's just too much of them when you're working with numbers, don’t you agree? Try the speed of light. Writing that down in kilometers per second sure brings out a number of zeroes! How about the mass of an electron in kilograms? That's a bunch of loops right there too! That's why there's Scientific Notation to make things more convenient.

Are you familiar with the many useful properties of Scientific Notation? How are you at converting numbers to this format? Can you deal with significant figures? This is just a preview of what's more to come. So, are you prepared to take on quizzes of this magnitude? Get ready to calculate your way around our quizzes on "Scientific Notation"!
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Scientific notation is a way of writing very large or very small numbers and this is done to numbers that can be multiplied by a power of ten. When it comes to significant figures however these are digits that are none zero...

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    How many significant figures does the following number have: 305500

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    Write the number 4,500,000 in scientific notation.

Performing mathematical computations with scientific notation.

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    Is the following numbers in proper scientific notation? 23.2 x 102

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    Thinks outside the box

A. Directions: Identify if the following belief is superstitious or scientific. Click the box of the correct answer.

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    To see a black butterfly means a relative or someone you know will pass away.

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Scientific Notation Questions & Answers

What is the value of (9.0 x 103)  -  (4.0 x 102)?
9.4 x 10^3 8.6 x 10^3When substrating in scientific notation, the exponents MUST be the same. EASIEST way to do the problem: Change to regular numbers, calculate and then change your answer back to scientific notation: (9.0 x 10^3)-(4.0 x 10^2)= 9,
How many significant figures does the number 930000000000 have?
12, definively. Trailing zeros are significant digits. How would we be able to distinguish 9.3 x 10^11 and 9.30 x 10^11 when written out? That is, what to do when the final digit is a zero.
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