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Biology is all about life. And life is really all about continuation, and in order for life to continue, reproduction has to occur at the cellular level so that genetic information (DNA) is replicated. Eventually, all cells need to duplicate, regardless of our approval or disapproval. The process by which new cells are made is called cell division.

Although, if you already knew that, you might want to take a crack at our cell division quizzes, featuring questions such as: “Why is it important for chromosomes to be condensed during mitosis and de-condensed during interphase?”, “What are the respective ploidies of gamete, zygote and somatic cells in a species with gametic meiosis?”, and “What are the differences between astral and an-astral mitosis?”. Good luck, doc!
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Cell division is the process in which a cell divides to form two or more daughter cell during reproduction. Cells complete this division in three different ways which can either be through mitosis, meiosis, or binary fission....

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    In what stage does a Cell spend the majority of its life?

Multiple choice test on animal cell parts and cell division.

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    In eukaryotic cells, DNA is found where?

A quiz basically using vocabulary about mitosis and meiosis intended for middle school science. (south carolina standards - 7th grade)

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    What is an organism reproduced by one or two parents?

The process of cell division

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    What two types of cell division are there?

Chapter 10 Test covering Reproduction, Mitosis, Cancer, and Stem Cells

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    Asexual reproduction is a process by which a single parent reproduces by itself.

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