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Grab your scuba gear and dive right in! Put your knowledge about fish and the incredible variety of oceanic species to the test in the latest fish trivia quiz. From finding Nemo to the great Shamu, there’s always just one more fish in the sea. Close your eyes, let your imagination take you into the deep blue of the ocean as you flip through questions like: how many fish are there in the sea?

How many new species are discovered everyday? How many shark attacks really take place all over the world? Plus, when you’re done testing your knowledge, you can challenge your friends! Take them to school; a school of fish that is!


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  • The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is...

  • When driving my car and someone cuts me off,  I hit the brakes and...

  • When I see an apparently homeless person passed out on the street...

  • If you saw a kid with his balloon stuck in a tree wat would you do?
    Fish question from

  • You see a dolphin stick in a net. Wat do you do?
    Fish question from

  • You see some mean teenagers that are WAY bigger than you messing witha shark that got on land. Wat do you do?
    Fish question from

  • Which color do you like more?

  • Which meal do you prefer?

  • Would you rather...

  • Narwhal
    Fish question from

  • Sea Horse
    Fish question from

  • Mahi-Mahi
    Fish question from