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A comprehensive database of more than 40 rocks quizzes online, test your knowledge with rocks quiz questions. Our online rocks trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top rocks quizzes.

Don’t hit rock bottom with this one! Keep your spirit high and go for the most solid answers. You’re stepping on them, throwing them around and climbing the highest mountains made up of them. It’s time for our quizzes on rocks and the sample questions should give you a hint of what’s about to come your way.

What’s the complete saying: Stuck between a rock and a...? What are sedimentary rocks? How are diamonds formed? What’s the most expensive diamond in the world? What’s the largest meteorite ever to have hit Earth? What color are jades? How did you do? We hope pretty well, because there are more challenges waiting for you in our rocks quizzes. Best of luck to you!

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