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How does the human body really work? Physiology is the study of function in living systems, and goes all the way back to Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Our physiology quiz will test your knowledge of the human body.

How much blood does the heart pump every day? The answer might surprise you: it's over 6000 liters. And how many bones are there in the human body? Babies have 300, but some of them fuse together so that by the time they are adults, there are 206. The human body is a beautifully designed machine, and our quiz will help you understand how it works with a range of questions about the things which keep the body alive and functioning.

Most of human behavior and mental processes are intertwined with the activities in the brain. Understanding how the different parts and components of the brain help the human body function was one of our main topics. Take...

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    What is the Pons's primary function?

  Subject wise MCQ test - Physiology. For more online practice tests, go to PG Blazer Online Test Series  

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      ln isometric exercise all are increased except :

Have you been having a hard time understanding what you have covered in physiology class? If this is true, then the 2nd quiz below is exactly what you need to ensure you know them all. Give it a shot and see just how high you...

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    Angiotensin 1 is formed from the plasma protein ______ by the action of the enzyme ______

Mark the letter of the letter of choice then click on the next button. Answer will be revealed after each question. No time limit  to finish the exam. Good luck!

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    Nurse Michelle should know that the drainage is normal 4 days after a sigmoid colostomy when the stool is:

Quiz based on the notes for exam 2Note: Any question that says "(check all that apply)" means that thier is MORE THAN ONE answer to the question!

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    Along with the nervous system, which other system controls the internal environment. (homeostasis)

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Physiology Questions & Answers

What do ribosomes do for protein synthesis?
Ribosomes are the proteins with rRNA that contain enzymes responsible for forming peptide bonds between the amino acids, while tRNA is the adaptermolecules which bring the proper amino acid to the ribosome which matches the codons on mRNA
What is the end product of aerobic glycolysis?
The correct answer is option B Glycolysis is the process of breaking down glucose. The end product of glycolysis is Pyruvate. Pyruvate can be used for aerobic respiration in the TCA (citric) cycle if oxygen is present but if oxygen is absent, pyruvat
What is the Cerebellums primary function?
Cerebullum act as motor system ,by relaying impulse from diffrent part cns like balancing ,cordination damage to cerbellum lead ataxia ,past pointing ,nystagmus,dysarthria