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If you would describe anatomy in broad terms, this usually means the structure of the object. People may sometimes need to study the structures of different objects so that they can understand the items better. Human anatomy can be complicated but it is also fascinating at the same time. There are some professions that will be exposed to human anatomy more as compared to others.

If you are trying your best to remember and memorize all of the parts that you are focusing at the present time. Do not worry because there are various quizzes that are available depending on the parts of the human anatomy that you would like to focus and study at the present time. Remember that there are so many parts that you need to study from the muscles to the bones and even the nerves of humans. It can be overwhelming but if you would answer quizzes from time to time, it will be easier.

Caught up with mundane work? Here's something that will help you Refresh. Let's see how much you know about anatomical planes and body cavities & Take the quiz to test knowledge!

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    The plane that divides the body into superior and inferior portion is the:

Our bodies are designed in a specific way, and our organs and body parts generally point in a given direction. Do you have adequate knowledge of directional terminology? Take up the quiz below and see just how much you know about...

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    In the anatomical position, the subject:

The Human Body: Trivia Facts and Questions on Anatomy and Functions! The human body is quite interesting in that it is made up of different systems that work together. In this quiz, we get to test out just how much you know about...

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    A hollow muscular organ that stores urine before expelling it from the body.

Anatomy is the studying and investigating of the structure and connection between body parts whereas Physiology is analysing the whole body function. This Review quiz is designed for students to assess their prior knowledge of...

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    What is abduction?

The human body is very interesting and over the past few months, we have been able to dive more into how the body works. The quiz below is specifically to help you test out your understanding of the technical terms we have used...

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    Otic means:

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Human Anatomy Questions & Answers

Which is the suitable option here? The big toe or hallux  is _______ to the little toe.
The great toe is medial to the little toe. In Latin, Hallux is used to refer to the big toe. There are five toes on each human foot. Each toe consists of three phalanx, and there are joints between each phalanx which are called interphalangeal joints
What is the plane that divides the body into a superior and inferior portion?
The transverse plane is the plane that divides a body into superior and inferior portions. From a 3-dimensional point of view, the transverse plane usually coincides with the x-axis of the 3d space. It is directly perpendicular to the sagittal plane
Which plane divides the body into superior and inferior portion?
The axial plane or also known as the transverse plane is the line that runs perpendicular to your body’s frontal reference planes. The axial runs horizontally with the floor while the frontal reference planes run vertically to your body when in
What is the most inferior extent of the peritoneal cavity in the female?
1. rectouterine pouch-The rectouterine and vesicouterine pouches are the two pouches created by draping the peritoneum over the pelvic organs. these pouches are the two lowest extents of the peritoneal cavity, so to answer this question, you just nee