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Muscle Questions & Answers

Will I lose muscle mass if I become a vegetarian?
Definitely not! You will not lose muscles if you go vegan. There are millions of people who choose vegetables for their diet and still have well-cut muscles and strength like meat-eaters. It’s damn true that animals flesh is a heavy ingredien
What are the points of origin and insertion for the LATISSIMUS DORSI muscle?
Spinous processes of lumbar and thoracic vertebrae, iliac crest and intuberclar groove just below lesser tubercle
Which muscles attach proximally on the ASIS?
What is the ASIS? This refers to the Anterior Superior Iliac Spine. This provides attachment for three types of muscles. The first one is A which is the sartorius. The second one is B which is the rectus femoris. The third one is the tensor fascia La
Action of plantar interossei
This can't adduct the 2nd toe because the plantar interossei don't attach to the 2nd toe. The plantar interossei originates on the medial base of toes 3-5 and attaches to the respective med proximal phalances in the inner sling of said toes.