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Get ready to work your muscles into shape by answering our muscular system quizzes! The muscular system is all about allowing your body to move, maintaining your posture, and circulating blood throughout your body. Whether you are a gym fan or resent those work outs, improve your knowledge of the muscular system and learn how to ultimately take better care of your body! How much do you know about your muscles? Do you think you can answer questions such as, “What are the three major types of muscles in the body?”

“What muscle is responsible for pumping blood throughout your body?” and, “What connects bones and muscles together?” Try these marvelous muscular system quizzes and find out if you are a muscle master. Prepare to squat, pump, lift, and stretch those muscles into condition!
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The muscular system is charged with permitting movement of the body, maintain posture and circulate blood in the body. How well precisely do you understand the system and its functions? Take up the quiz below and...

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    Which of these is NOT a job of the muscular system?

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    Skeletal muscle does everything but

This quiz covers the muscles in the skeletal system. Also included is med terms, diseases of the skeletal muscle, differnt types and functions of  the muscular system.

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    Enter/o referes to

Muscular strength refers to muscle’s potential to apply to lift a maximal amount of weight for one repetition, whereas muscular endurance can is the potential to execute a specific muscular action for an extended...

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    A muscular strength program would include _____ number of sets, each containing ______ repetitions.

This quiz won't require too much work out of your muscles, only your brain!

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    Movement that allows a palm to be turned face down is

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Muscular System Questions & Answers

What are some of the side effects of taking anabolic androgen steroids?
The correct answer to this question is D, All of the above. Acne is a skin condition, where hair follicles are filled with oil and dead skin cells. Without steroids, it is a common amount of teenagers going through puberty. With the steroids, any age
Which of the following is most related to actin and myosin?
The correct answer to this question is A, Considered contractile proteins. Actin and myosin are proteins that work together to form the muscle cells contractile filaments. These proteins also work to help cells motion. They can be found in the eukary
What type of muscle works to close a joint? 
There are many muscles in the human body and there are several different kinds. The extensor muscle belongs in the skeletal system and when the muscle contracts, it forces the limb that it is attached to extend or stretch. One example of this type of
What causes muscle fatigue?
There are many correct answers to this question. Muscle fatigue is when the muscles feel weak and tired due to repeated movements. Over time, this fatigue impacts the efficiency of the muscles. One cause of muscle fatigue is exhaustion. This exhausti