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This is a quiz after our own heart with some of our favorite questions. These challenges are a sure way to pump some life in you. Our heart-related quiz will help get your blood flowing. So relax, lay back and calmly answer every question in this quiz. You will not be facing an easy one so don’t expect to finish this quiz in a heartbeat.

At how many beats per minute does the average human heart beat? Approximately how much blood per minute does the heart pump? How much does an average heart weigh? These and many more questions are waiting for you. They might seem hard but we’re sure you can find it in your heart to answer them all.

The human heart is one hell of a vital organ for every human. The more healthy your heart is, the longer the chances you have of surviving, so you better take care of it. Take the following quiz to know how much you know...

Questions: 12  |  Attempts: 45786   |  Last updated: Oct 25, 2019

The heart is the most important organ in the body. It is charged with keeping the processes within the body moving by necessitating the transfer of blood throughout the body. The quiz below is to test out interesting facts...

Questions: 15  |  Attempts: 12975   |  Last updated: Jul 24, 2019

This practice quiz covers information related to the sheep heart & the heart model. It is intended for use as a supplemental study aid. Please note that, as is the case on the lab practical, spelling counts! *Also,...

Questions: 54  |  Attempts: 7255   |  Last updated: Jul 3, 2019
  • Sample Question
    5. Do the vessels in #4 carry blood to or from the heart?

Be still my beating heart, it’s time for a wonderful and educational quiz on the most important organ in the human body; the heart! In this one, we’ll be testing your knowledge on just how the heart manages to pump...

Questions: 12  |  Attempts: 2856   |  Last updated: Sep 12, 2019
  • Sample Question
    Which chamber does oxygenated blood enter the heart first?

Welcome to a unique quiz about the most important organ in your body and ours – the heart! Often talked about as the instrument of love within each of us, the heart is actually what controls the flow of blood from one...

Questions: 48  |  Attempts: 1482   |  Last updated: Dec 28, 2018
  • Sample Question
    This layer of the heart allows it to act as a pump.

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Heart Questions & Answers

What part of the Human heart is laballed as "H" in the image below?
The bottom most part of the heart is the apex, and the septum separates the right and left ventricles!
What is the organ that pumps blood all througout the human body?
The answer is A. The organ that pumps the blood throughout the body is the heart. In humans, the heart is located near the left chest and for animals, the location of this organ varies depending on the species but is usually in between the lungs. A h
Is there any home remedy for heart pain?
There is no proper home remedy for heart pain as these home remedies can manage only infrequent chest pain mainly caused by digestive problems. Sometimes, a normal chest pain can cause a severe heart disease and at that time, home remedies will surel
How many times does the heart beat in a day?
Our heart, isa organ very important in our organism, it is responsable to circulation blood and continue life.It is direct related with Circulatory System! It is necessary you make rum and a good food to not a infarction.It is important too, make con