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The word electrocardiogram doesn’t have you ducking your head in a room full of strangers. Rather, the moment you hear it, you find your voice. Not only can you tell that it records the electrical activity of the heart but you can explain how the heart works and how the electrical impulses it produces are detected by an ECG. You can also explain the various body parts where electrodes are attached to, the heart defects it can detect and its limitations.
You are aware that ten electrodes are required to produce 12 electrical views of the heart. Do you know what Bradycardia means? Can you define the term Tachycardia? Do you know that there can be delays in the transmission of electrical impulses within the system? Do you know what happens during an ECG? If you know the answers to such questions, take these quizzes to test your ECG knowledge.
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How much do you know about electrocardiogram? When someone has been having some problems with their heart, a physician may need to take some tests such as an ECG. The ECG records electrical signals in the heart by determining...

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    Which of the following ECG characteristics distinguishes Atrial Flutter from other Atrial Dysrhythmias:  

In an exam, there are certain terminologies you must be aware of so that you can get the meaning of the question or have a clue on what it answers can be. With the NCCT ECG certification exam just around the corner, the quiz...

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    AF is an abbreviation for 

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    The purpose of an ECG is to look for abnormalities of the heart?

From Official Review Book National Certified ECG Technician Part 3 Rhythm (RH)

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    The heart has two components: mechanical and

This is a Quiz on the ECG unit.  You must pass it with an 80% or better to pass the module.  

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    The rate of ventricular contraction is noted by: (Refer to the section on determining heart rate from the ECG if you do not remember.)   

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ECG Questions & Answers

What is the duration of time delay in the AV mode?
The correct answer is 0.12 – 0.20 seconds. The duration of the delay in the AV node is 0.12 – 0.20 sec. The AV node contains specialized cells located on the right side of the atrial septum. It helps regulate the contraction of the atria
What does AF stand for?
The correct answer to this question is option C – Atrial Fibrillation On ECG, AF stands for atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation, commonly known as AFibb or AF, is cardiac arrhythmia. It refers to the abnormal rhythm that involves the two u
What are the normal direction of the QRS complex in lead aVR results from the?
Wave of depolarization moving away from the positive electrode.