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The EKG is also known as the electrocardiogram test. This is known to be the test that will measure the electrical activity of your heartbeat. With every beat that the heart takes, the wave will travel through the heart. This wave will be in charge of making the heart squeeze and pump blood. If in case there is no wave available, then the heart will stop pumping, and the monitor will show a flat line. This is something that people would like to avoid when they are in hospital.

The EKG test will usually indicate if there are some issues with the person’s heart. If there are some signs of heart disease, the physician may require further tests to determine what exactly is wrong. There are instances when the EKG will show some abnormalities, but this will not affect your current physical health.

 A perfect reading of an EKG chart is important in giving a proper diagnosis to any deflections of the behavior of a patient’s heart behavior. The quick quiz below is made up of randomly selected EKG deflections or...

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     Name this part of the EKG segment.        

An EKG machine is used by doctors to measure the rate at which the heart is beating and the position of the heart chambers. This machine is the best for noticing when the heart rhythm is out of the normal. Are you studying to be...

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    Decreased oxygen levels at the tissue level is known as?

The electrocardiogram is a noninvasive test that is used to reflect underlying heart conditions by measuring the electrical activity of the heart. Having practiced its use, are you sure you know all there is about how to use...

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    Hypotension is defined as:

If you want to know how to read an EKG strip you need to know certain things and how to describe the readings. Below is Block three quiz that is designed to help see just how much you understand about reading an Ekg strip. Give...

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    The T Wave on an EKG represents:

EKG - Quiz for module 2

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    Q19) The number of R waves in six second strip is 9. The heart rate is:

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EKG Questions & Answers

What is the heart rate for this patient?
It is so 200 1500/8 small squares is 187.5 Approximately 200...where'd 270 come from
What leads are considered (left) lateral leads?
The "left" or "low" lateral leads are V5, V6 and the high lateral leads are I, aVL
What is the heart rate for this patient?